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Ricon Construction & Energy

Ricon Project Management & Construction Management can be viewed as total PROJECT MANAGEMENT experts that provides you maximum control of the project's design and construction. PM/CM includes expertise in technology, design, construction methods, cost appraisals, schedules, and management systems. This allows you to bring organization, proven systems, design and operating expertise, and a proven management process to a complicated project.

Why Choose Us?

When you retain us for a due diligence audit, you have the confidence of knowing that we view our role to be an extension of your organization.

Our Construction Project Audit division brings you experienced researchers and specialists, including some of the top construction personnel in the business. We've got contractors, engineers, architects, designers and specialists in just about every facet of the building process from suppliers to plumbers, and we'll place this world-class collaborative team at your fingertips to successfully manage your building process. Let our experts save you time and money with quality construction project management whether you need an addition to your office, or a multimillion-dollar corporate headquarters.

Ricon team acts as liaison between you and your construction firm, and conducts an ongoing and thorough construction audit We'll analyze your time line, and ask for specific information regarding the character of your construction firm. We'll look at its choice of building materials, its crew size, qualifications and references which includes contacting former clients to see if their initial cost projections turned out to be realistic, and whether or not they came in under or over budget Our specialists will review employee records too, so you can be sure undesirable workers will be kept away from your project And if that's not enough, our forensic accounts will review cost projections to see if they're inflated or unrealistic. We'll contact local supply houses to check product costs to make sure you'll be charged fairly for materials used.

At Ricon were not done once construction starts. In fact our construction audit and project management investigator's job is just beginning, lbgain additional insight into the working conditions and proposed time estimates, our investigator will visit your project site many times during construction and the visits will be unannounced. Our construction project management process relies on continuous monitoring to make sure that your project moves along within the timeline projected.

Our construction project management monitors other areas as well. For example, if you submit a change order, or if your construction firm says that unforeseen problems require changes, our construction project management investigators will make sure the problems are legitimate, and that the fees you're charged are in line with fair market prices. Without the help of a qualified construction project management specialist you could find yourself paying inflated costs for unfamiliar products.

Price isn't the only issue where construction is concerned. Sometimes, the quality of the materials used in your project are as, or even more, important than price. Our construction audit specialists know the difference between quality brands and inferior products, and they'll let you know which choices your construction firm makes. Inferior products may bring serious problems down the line.