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The primary aims and objectives of design management are:

To establish the client's design requirements and develop a design management strategy for the complete project (design input).

To ensure the design output meets the client's requirements (Design validation).

To optimize on the level of information required for package procurement.

To coordinate build ability, logistics and subcontractor input into design reviews.

To control, manage and direct the team of designers.

To ensure the designers meet their contractual abligations design output.

To manage design change effectively by evaluation of technical, time and cost effects of proposed changes while maintaing the required quality.

To control design cost.

To manage the design schedule programme.

To use value management studies to ensure the optimization of key project functions.

To use risk studies to identify uncertainty and subsequent management of these risks.

To consolidate and coordinate the pre-construction/construction programme.

To integrate the commissioning strategy requirements at an early stage of design.

We understand the importance of design management as part of the overall management service and recognize the need for it to be implemented at the earliest possible stage in order to meet the needs and objectives of our clients effectively.