• Aster El-Galala is one of the latest residential projects in El-Galala City, as it is a new urban breakthrough. Aster El Galala project represents an integrated residential community in the pristine region of all of Egypt. It is the ideal choice for lovers of comfort and tranquility. It also offers an innovative concept of modern housing with international designs. It is surrounded by lots of green spaces and water bodies
  • Aster El Galala Compound comes in the form of a flower, which is in line with the topography of the land on an area of 42.43 acres, in a prime location in the heart of Galala City.
  • As one of its streets enjoys a distinct view of the best commercial and entertainment shopping center (Downtown), the project overlooks 3 main streets with a width of 30 meters and is close to Galala University.
  • From the inside, the compound contains a number of villas which amounts to 46 twin houses, 4 standalone villas, each of them has two floors, the ground floor and the first floor rooftop rooms each villa is surrounded by its own private garden and swimming pool.
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