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At Ricon we enjoy working with clients beginning at the most conceptual stages of construction, from project initiation to project completion and handover.

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Aster Sheikh Zayed

The Aster Sheikh Zayed project is considered one of the best residential and educational projects in Sheikh Zayed city, as the project represents an integrated residential community, as it is the ideal choice for lovers of tranquility

Aster El-Galala

Aster El-Galala is one of the latest residential projects in El-Galala City, as it is a new urban breakthrough. Aster El Galala project represents an integrated residential community in the pristine region of all of Egypt.

Recent Projects

In recent years, Ricon has realized there has been an increase in demand to repeadly prove its ability to deliver substantial construction projects within increasingly ambitious targets.

Toyota Service Center

Aster Sheikh Zayed Hospital

Maadi Towers

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Ricon Project Management & Construction Management can be viewed as total PROJECT MANAGEMENT experts that provides you maximum control of the project's design and construction. PM/CM includes expertise in technology, design, construction methods, cost appraisals, schedules, and management systems. This allows you to bring organization, proven systems, design and operating expertise, and a proven management process to a complicated project. You can expect the following benefits from Pillars:

  • Improved communications.
  • Effective control of monetary resources.
  • Input into the design.
  • Improved quality and operations.
  • Optimum project control.
  • Time and financial savings.
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